Things To Consider Before Selecting The Shoes For Your Flat Feet


People who are passionate about something should not let anything hinder their way, even if that hindrance is flat feet condition in an aspiring runner. One can either make excuses for not trying or look of the best shoes to make the run comfortable. It might be difficult to choose the right shoes when you have a flat foot, but there is no harm in trying.

There are people who wanted to be footballers or sportsmen, but they cannot even stand or walk yet there are fulfilling their dreams, like Patrick Anderson who is considered as the best basketball player on the wheelchair. Flat foot patients are even able to stand and walk on their own. With the right shoes, you can walk miles comfortably or participate in a race. There are numerous running routes and Flat Foot Specialist in Queens NY that will surely give you the right push you need to get on your feet.

Here are some of the tips to get the right shoes for your flat foot condition.

Stay aware of severity of flat foot

Flat foot can be represented by the fallen arches (low arched), which causes your feet to fall flat on the ground. Since arches serve as the shock absorbers as we walk, they have a crucial role to play when it comes to distributing the weight of our body across your feet and legs uniformly. Arch, when rightly structured, can result in a smooth, pain-free walk. Arches are also required to be flexible and sturdy so that they can adapt to the stress exerted by the ground.

Flat feet can cause problem as in most of the cases the feet are rolled inwards, which results into the strained ligaments and muscles. The pain can be daunting and discomforting for the patient. As the condition persists, other body parts including legs, lower back, hips, calf and so on can get affected easily.

Look for the straight last shoes

Finding the right shoes is not always about finding the right arch, toe or padding; it’s more about the overall shape of the shoe and the way it is made. People with flat feet should look for the straighter last shoe. Straight lasted shoes are heavier in weight as compared to other types of shoes and provide additional support under the arch.

Consider the arch support:

Before selecting the shoes, you should consider the arch support as well. Flat feet sufferers should consider staying away from the shoes that have an obvious flat sole. Rather, look for the shoes with an arch that is not limited to the sole but is also inserted in the shoes. Make sure that when you try such shoes your arch should feel supported.

It is not important to find the right pair of shoes in the first go. If the pair you have selected is not comfortable at all, you should try a different pair.  Analyze the pattern of the way your feet move while running. You can also consult Podiatrist (a specialist of ankle and feet). Thanks to internet, you can find a Flat foot Doctor in New York or any part of the world in just a single click. Always remember that while running you must pass on most of the stress onto your shoe so that you can keep running with utmost comfort.

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